Democracy in 4D

In order to survive democracies need to evolve into a structure that can respond to a truly connected world . There are many ways in which democracy currently fails to feel "real" to people. PoliVOTE promotes the idea that in order to feel "real" democracy needs to operate across 4 dimensions:

Direct: People are directly informed of the decisions that impact them and can have a direct say.

Diverse: PoliVOTE encourages decisions to value diverse opinions by generating information about how particular sub-cultures and areas support or don’t support and are affected by decisions.

Deliberative: Decisions can be considered by viewing various lobbying positions, calling on community experts and running citizens juries (as well as many other tools such as forums, webinars etc).

Dream: PoliVOTE is focused on what people want, not what they do not want. It frames its questions this way and is forward looking.

PoliVOTE has a website specifically dedicated to promoting the 4 Dimensions of Democracy. It also focuses on research about organisations that are promoting and evolving Democracy in Australia and has links to organisations that specialise in this area. You can find out more about this at